Ascending Tree Service

A professional tree service company serving Bellingham, WA
and all of beautiful Whatcom County.

Dangerous Removal

Ascending Tree Service specializes in dangerous/hazardous tree removal.  We utilize the newest and safest equipment and techniques to insure a safe tree removal.

Many of our removals are over 150′ tall and only a few feet away from the house. By taking the necessary time required for a safe dismantling of the tree, you can be assured that every effort was put forth to maximize safety.

Licensed, bonded and insured
for over 12 years!

Timber Marketing

Ascending Tree Service offers free timber evaluation.  Many of our customers offset or pay for their tree service with the monies generated from the value of their timber.  Depending on the type of tree, quality of the tree, and the amount of trees, the timber value can be substantial.

We do everything possible to maximize the utility of every tree.  If we can get one tree to the mill, it’s going.  This may take a little longer but if the tree can be used for lumber, it’s worth it.

Tree Service Choices

Ascending Tree Service gives you options when it comes to your tree service.

We can provide complete tree service. Removal of the tree or trees, preparing them for the mill, complete clean up, and stump grinding.

Or, you may just want the tree on the ground and do the clean up yourselves.

We’ll make the work fit into your budget.

What Do You Need?

60′ man lift for “industial” pruning and over the house work


Fruit tree pruning

Spurless Climbing

Certified Arborist

Lot clearing, excavator work, site prep

We're ready to get started on your tree service job!

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